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Rachel & Zach | Southwind Ranch

I remember when Rachel first reached out to me last Spring about possibly being her wedding photographer. She mentioned how she had a vision for her day, that she loves amazing details but that should would also really like to focus on the family shots and connection. I knew from that moment that Rachel and Zach were going to be an amazing couple to join on their journey. And let me tell you that their day had all of that and more. Rachel and Zach’s wedding day revolved around connection, their families and their sweet daughter Harper.

I arrived in Greenville the night before their wedding. I sat in my hotel room reading over every detail for their big day and praying over their marriage. The next morning we woke up to weather that no one really hoped for. It was frigid and raining but when I talked to Rachel earlier in the week she made it clear that they were going to have an amazing wedding day regardless.

As I drove up to Southwind Ranch, I immediately knew why Rachel and Zach picked this venue. It is breathtaking!!! A large white barn venue, an amazing ceremony site and gorgeous views. I knew that with the weather, plan B was starting to take place. Unfortunately their ceremony would not be able to be under the most gorgeous white open air chapel, but I knew we would have to incorporate it somehow for them. As I walked into the barn, it was apparent to me what Rachel meant by having a vision. No detail was spared! I was greeted by Rachel’s aunt who happens to be a florist. She was going above and beyond to bring this wedding to life!!!

As I walked into Rachel’s getting ready house, I was met by her and Zach’s sweet moms, Rachel’s daughter Harper and the sweetest bridesmaids. I took one look at Rachel and knew that even though the weather was not what anyone envisioned, that she would be happy no matter what because she was marrying the man of her dreams. As Rachel slipped on her stunning gown, I watched as everyone in the room gasped. I mean just look at her!!!

I explained to Rachel that even though we couldn’t use their ceremony site for it’s intended purposes, I wanted her and Zach to have it included in their day. We decided to risk the cold and move their first look portraits to the open air chapel. As I got Zach ready to see his beautiful wife, I could see how nervous and excited he was. And y’all their first look was one of the sweetest first looks I have ever seen. They took their time checking in with each other, hugging, and just spending time alone with each other before walking down the aisle to join their lives in front of their family and friends.

After we did as many portraits outside as we could humanly handle, it was time to go inside for Rachel’s dad to see his baby girl. When he turned around, y’all his smile was utterly contagious. Rachel hands her dad a card for him to read (with the most impeccable penmanship I might add) and it was hard to hold back the tears. As the ceremony began, and everyone took their places, it was time for Rachel to walk down the aisle with her dad. Zach looked just as nervous and excited as he did during their first look. Everything was setting in! Rachel, Zach and Harper’s next chapter was about to begin!

When it came time for dinner, the band announced that Rachel had prepared a surprise for everyone. And soon over the speakers we all heard Rachel’s voice as she explained to Zach, her parents and Zach’s parents how much each of them mean to her. It was one of the most heartfelt and thoughtful surprises I have ever witnessed at a wedding. I don’t think anyone could hold back the tears.

It was now time for dancing, and let me tell you, Power 2 Party got the dance floor going!! Rachel and Zach were right in the middle of the dance floor, but I will say Grandma and Grandpa stole the show with their dance moves!!!! As I started reliving this day to prepare this post, it was evident that despite the weather, this day was exactly how Rachel described her vision to me when we first chatted. Everything was filled with love, family, and amazing details. But most importantly, Rachel, Zach and Harper get to have their happily ever after… and I couldn’t be more excited for them!!



Thank you to the incredible vendor team!!

Planner | Ashely Black at Southwind Ranch

Venue | Southwind Ranch

Rentals | Professional Party

Catering | Chef 360

Cake & Dessert | Brick Street Cafe

Band | Power 2 Party

Hair and makeup | The Vow

Florist | Judith Witthoeft

Dec 6, 2019

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