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Can I just say I am SO proud of you!! When you clicked onto this page, it meant to me that you are ready to make all of your dreams come true! And I am SO proud of the courage that you have to pursue them!
I am Natasha, Charleston Wedding Photographer and Educator, and your business cheerleader/hype woman/all around encourager! And I am here to help walk beside you as you chase those dreams!

— walt disney

"'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."'

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I see you! Looking around on Instagram wondering if you will ever be able to chase your dreams? Asking yourself....

Can I go full time?
Can I reach my ideal client and fully book my calendar?
Can I create work/life balance?
Can I learn how to shoot in manual on this fancy               camera?
Can I stand out in an over-saturated market?

How did I know? Because I was you! I was the 34 year old stay at home mom wondering if I could ever make my dreams of being a wedding photographer come true! I know the struggles and obstacles you face, because I have faced them too! That is why I have created resources, templates and courses just for you!

What can I help you with?

Are you ready to jumpstart Instagram Reels in an authentic and effective way for your business? What if you could understand how to make them, what to include in them, and gain more clients from them? Or maybe you just need help creating a months worth of consistent content? I am ready to help you turn views into sales. Be sure to sign up to be the FIRST to know when The Reels Bootcamp doors will open! I can NOT wait to share more about the courses with you.


Do you have a fancy camera, but still don't understand the settings? Let me guess, you have it on auto and your images never turn out how you expect them to? I have created a free guide just for you! Let's get you off of auto for good! And start having control of your images.

manual simplified guide

20 ready to go reels content ideas! Plus tips for you to kick off showing up on reels and see growth like you have never seen before in your business! This reel content playbook is just what you need to get started on short form video!

instagram reels content PLAYBOOK

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 You gain access to 12 of my MUST HAVE emails, 5 videos and as a bonus, 3 questionnaires! This resource is jam packed full of value to help you level up your communication!!

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Are you ready to WOW potential clients with your first impression? Grab your template now to send your pricing guide to the next inquiry to hit your inbox! 

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wedding email playbook

experience investment guide

The number one thing you can do to elevate your client's experience is to prepare them!! Are you ready to level up your client's experience with a fully customizable Engagement Session Guide?

$59 ($147 Value)

Engagement session guide

28 poses to help you rock your next session or wedding! Never get stuck again saying "Umm what should we do next!?"! Walk in with confidence and get epic portraits for your clients! BONUS 15 minute video included!!

$59  ($97+ Value)






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More Info

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I have created a few list of my absolute favorite products on Amazon for you! It includes everything from photography equipment to amazing dresses to wear on sessions! 


Pixieset is the online gallery service that I use to send every single client a gallery! Sign up with my code for an extra 250MB of storage.


Honeybook is the Client Service Managaement System that I use! It streamlines the administrative portion of my business! And you can save 50% off your first year with my referral code! 


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Owning a business can be freaking lonely, am I right!? However, one of the best things to come out of my own business journey was finding business BFFs in online communities! If you are looking for community, I would LOVE to invite you to join over 2000 photographers and business owners! I share live trainings, resources and more! PLUS you gain the most amazing and supportive community cheering you on!

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You're officially on the list and in like Flynn! See you on the inside!

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