I believe that wedding photography should be centered around connection and building relationships. I decided that when I started photography that I didn't want to just be a photographer for my couples, just another vendor! I wanted to be their photographer, and friend! And because I believe this so much, I take time to get to know my couples and build a lasting relationship with each one. I want to hear about your sister’s graduation from college, or you family trip to Hawaii. I want to know what you envision not only for your wedding day, but for your life together. I take time to cultivate that relationship with each of my couples in a way that I wish it had been done for me when I married Michael in 2011 (pre- Pinterest.. I know.. yikes!!)

I can’t promise not to cry during your first look, or your mother and son dance (mainly because I know that I will have my own moment like that with my baby boy), but I can promise to help you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! And in return, you are going to see your true personality shine through. I can promise to give your parents a HUGE hug at the end of the night, because this day was just as big for them! I can promise that I will be invested in your story. And when you leave for the night on your wedding day, I can promise that your relationship with me doesn't end! I will be there celebrating with you for years to come! Cheering on your accomplishments, checking in with you just because, and hugging you every year at my annual couples event!! If you are looking for an experience with a friend and not just a photographer, you have found your girl!

I’m Natasha, married to Michael and mama to Jackson! Charleston is so special to me, and I was fortunate enough to grow up in the Holy City! Michael is from a small town south of Boston, named Scituate (if you are trying to figure out how to pronounce that, you are not alone! SIT-YOU-IT). And we were actually born on the same July day, 10 hours a part! As soon as I met him I said this is destiny. I mean, he would never forget my birthday, right?!! Michael spends his days working in the power industry as an engineer, and Jackson roams the halls of the same elementary school that I attended! 

Capturing love stories in Charleston is a dream come true for me! Cobblestones, window boxes and pastel color homes serve as the backdrop to my office everyday. I get to share my love of this city with my amazing couples. Photography for me is not just about creating beautiful images, but connecting with my couples! I am ready to be your cheerleader! I will cry with you and laugh with you! I am going to celebrate your milestones not only during your wedding but for years to come! Including inviting you to an exclusive night out for all of my couples every year! I take time to make you feel comfortable with me, so that we can capture images that take you back to a moment in time. I feel so honored to be an honorary guest at each of my couple’s weddings. 

My #1 Priority is YOU!

My priority is investing in your story and making you feel loved from the time that we meet to well after your wedding day!

"Words cannot begin to express how thankful we are that we chose Natasha to capture our wedding day! The Lord has given her a very special gift to share with others, and we thank Natasha for sharing it with us. We have found our lifetime photographer.”


makenzi & david 

Meet my boys, Michael and Jackson! They are my whole heart and my main cheerleaders!! Michael might be from Boston, but he absolutely loves Charleston.

The coastal life, warmer weather and Southern hospitality has grabbed hold of him. He is an engineer, a New England Patriots fan and the guy who fixes everything around the house for me. Jackson is our rambunctious, yet incredibly sweet 7 year old. He loves hot wheels cars, riding his bike as fast as he can down the sidewalk and is the ultimate social butterfly. And he’s the main reason I get teary eyed every wedding day! 



my whole heart

Michael and I were born on the same July day! I was born in North Carolina and 10 hours later he was born in Massachusetts. Destiny? I think so! And really cool to say the least!

We got married in 2011 before the days of Pinterest but still one of the best days of our lives! And every time we hear our first dance song “Only you can love me this way” by Keith Urban come on, we have to stop everything and dance to it!



destined since 1983

There are a few things in this life that I feel are black and white, no grey area.. and one of those is that hugs trump handshakes. So I think it is safe to say that you will be getting a hug from me!!! 



Hugs over handshakes

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” - Walt Disney

Disney World has this way of making you believe that all your dreams can come true. That kind of magic is something that we want our son to feel more often than not as he is little. So you can find us strolling Main Street multiple times a year.



disney wolrd

I have been blessed to call Charleston home for most of my life. I grew up here, went to College of Charleston (Go Cougars!) and we got married here! We did move away for 8 years to live in Massachusetts and Greenville SC, but we were blessed with the opportunity to move back! And now I can not imagine living anywhere else. 



charleston born & bred



Isle of Palms & Sullivan’s Island

During the summer you can find us chasing sunsets at one of our go to local beaches, Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island! You will find me under a Lilly Pulitzer beach umbrella with music blaring, or riding a boogie board with our son in the waves. 

As a Charleston native, I have a great appreciation for my hometown. Charleston is a one of a kind city. From the history, to the beaches and the food, there is so much to see and do in Charleston!! And I want to share a few of my absolute favorite things about living in the Holy City!


explore the city of

One of our favorite things about Charleston is the abundance of options for food that knocks your socks off! And if you love some good BBQ, you will have so many places to choose from in the Holy City! Some of our favorites include Lewis’, Hometeam, Rodney Scott’s and Swig and Swine. 

The Lowcountry 

As a Charleston native, the lowcountry has a very special place in my heart. Every time I leave, I long to come back to the marshes, cotton candy sunsets and steeple lined sky line. It’s a city that grabs ahold of your heart and doesn’t let go. 

Tradd Street

I have had an obsession with Tradd St since I was a little girl. The gorgeous Charleston architecture, hidden gardens and painted doors showcase the charm that makes everyone fall in love with this city! If you can only see one street while you are in Charleston, Tradd is the street you have to walk down!

Date Night

Michael and I love it when my parents offer to watch Jackson for us to have a date night downtown. You will usually find us at some of Charleston’s tried and true restaurants, like Poogan’s Porch for their brunch, Félix for their hamburger, 82 Queen for their she crab soup, Halls Chophouse for a mouth watering steak and Slightly North of Broad (or as locals like to call it, S.N.O.B.) for some shrimp and grits!!! 


Something inside of me lit up

At the age of 34 I was longing for deeper purpose within my life. I made the decision to stay home with our son when he was born, which was the absolute best decision for our little family. But once he started growing and going to school, I knew that it was time for me to really take a look at what my dreams were.

I didn’t want to lose my sense of purpose outside of being a wife and a mom. As soon as I booked my first portrait session, something inside of me lit up. I knew that this was the gift God has given me and it would be my way of reaching a deeper connection with people that I may not have met otherwise. I knew that my sense of why was to build real and lasting relationships with my couples. And I have worked everyday since to make that happen. All while knowing our son is watching each step that I am making. I pray that he grows up to see that it is never too late to chase your dreams and make a difference in this world. 

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