I am here to help you master your Reels strategy and have a month's worth of content when you leave Reels Bootcamp!

You’re sick of wasting your time creating content that nobody engages with
You’re tired of being STUCK trying to figure out all the features!
And secretly, you don’t really want to figure it all out because you feel awkward standing in front of the camera! (Nobody likes to watch themselves on video, am I right?!)
And you know that if you could just find an easy way to create effective Reels without wasting your entire day, you’ll finally be able to start booking EXACTLY the right clients, just like Aly:

I know how you feel! I used to be you!

It's Time To Overcome That Fear of Looking Silly, y'all!

I believe in the VALUE of The Reels Bootcamp SO much that I am giving you a sneak peek into a lesson in the course!! 


Don’t get me wrong…
Watching Youtube tutorials and other people’s Reels feels like a good way to start.
But hours later when you have a million possible ideas in your head, you have no idea how to start. You feel just as lost as before, am I right?
Something’s got to give. Especially when there’s a PROVEN way to create effective Reels that grow your audience with potential clients watching your Reels and coming back for more!!

How much time are you spending:

✔️Avoiding making your Reels in the first place
✔️Trying to come up with inspiring, educational content
✔️Learning how to use Reels features the right way
✔️Scared to stand in front of your camera

This is NOT how you should be spending your time. 
You should be spending it marketing effectively to clients, prepping for shoots and editing photos. 

Every time you’ve tried creating Reels in the past, one of these things happens: 

😱It takes you days to come up with content ideas and by then you’re too busy to film 

🤦🏽‍♀️Online tutorials don’t detail all the steps involved, so you’re left pulling your hair out wondering which thing to do first

👀Your Reels still get very few views, or they reach totally the wrong audience

😭It takes so long, and you’re exhausted just thinking about starting your next Reel!!

Sounds about right?
I’ve helped others in your shoes many times before. Like Reed....

But let's be Reel

Posting just Anything and Hoping for the Best Has NOT Been the Answer for You, Has it?

Look, there are two types of photographers on Instagram:

Type #1 struggles to come up with content ideas and it takes them ages to create Reels. And then they feel weird posting them because they just know that NOBODY ever engages with them. It’s all just a lot of effort and awkwardness for nothing.

Why does this happen?

Because Type #1 are doing their best to figure out Reels on their own. That can get frustrating, especially when it’s not working!! Type #1 feel like they are missing out on this new, lucrative trend, and they’re right. But, it’s not their fault. They just don’t know about a much better and faster way to make Reels. 

SO, let’s talk about Type #2:

They’re banging out enough content to last them an entire month in one hour. Their ideal clients LOVE their Reels and can’t get enough of them. Their calendars are booked and they’re having fun filming their clips.

Still, the question is….

Why are most people stuck being Type #1?

Because they haven’t learned my methods for engaging ideal clients with inspiring Reels!!!

What if I Told You There IS a Way to Quickly Create Attention-Grabbing Reels - And That It Just Requires a Simple Method That No One Is Talking About? 

And simply put, you should trust me because I’ve been helping photographers post super engaging Reels over.… 

 and over... 

 and over... 

 and over... 

Hi, I’m Natasha

I am a wedding photographer and I’ve been using Reels to grow my business. SO, everything you’ll see in this course has been tried and tested by me and my students!! In February 2020 I discovered a way to strategically market myself on Tik Tok and grow my business and audience. 

Within 3 weeks, I had 10,000 followers!! And even better, the inquiries started pouring in. I now have OVER 75,000 followers on Tik Tok.

Then in August of 2020, IG released Reels and I used the same strategy to grow my IG. I went from 3500 to 10,000 followers in a matter of WEEKS. 

I booked $48,000+ last year alone just from couples finding me through Tik Tok and Reels videos. And now I teach other photographers how to show up authentically through video to reach their ideal clients.


I’ve used these methods time and time again to increase my followers and bring in new clients, and I used all that experience to create...

Stop spending hours creating mediocre Reels nobody wants to see

Find more ideal clients for your business

Always know what Reels people want to see 

Create a month’s worth of content in one hour

Stop putting off making Reels and start publishing inspiring content

Start showcasing your work in the best possible light

Reels Bootcamp is designed to help YOU:


Practical, hands-on, step-by-step walkthrough for creating Reels.

hacks and tricks that will have you making high-quality Reels in minutes.

Simple tactic for attracting your IDEAL clients.

Join the Mini Course today To Gain access to...



What would this kind of experience be worth to you:

ONLy $149



The Reels Bootcamp Mini Course: Which explains how to create Reels and show up with engaging content day after day.

✔️Step by step tutorials
✔️Help with your content
✔️A sneak peek into my winning strategy

At a total value of $495

But you only pay $149 for all of this if you join right now!
Now, I know that $149 isn’t pocket change. 

But let me ask you: 

If ALL this did was get you a month's batch of high-quality, super-converting Reels, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was book you just ONE ideal client?

If ALL this did was save you a day of watching videos on YouTube and then running out of time to actually create Reels? (btw, how much is your business hour worth, again?!)

Now you see, in the grand scheme of things, $149 isn’t much to pay to super-charge your business.

one more time
here's what you get


Reels Bootcamp
The Mini Course
alone is worth over $400!!  
With 7 Lessons, Over an hour of behind the scenes step by step tutorials and bonuses, this course is jam packed with value!

Value $499


Reels Bootcamp:
The Mini Course

Are You Ready to Master Reels?



"How do I know that? Because the couples have reached out, who have never met me before, and found my business through me sharing video. They loved my personality and then they went to my website and loved my portfolio. And they booked with me. I know have $10,00o worth of revenue for my business that I do not think I would have gotten if I had not shared Reels. I have so much more confidence to show up on video from Natasha's teachings and encouragement. "

My last three bookings are solely because I have been sharing on Reels.

emily h.


the reviews

"After this course, I have new found confidence and can't believe that I was able to film 15 reels in about an hour - WHAT?! I never would have thought that was possible but Natasha breaks it down so everything is really easy. It's a no-fluff course so the content is straight to the point. Even though Natasha is a photographer, and many of the examples used are directly applicable to photography businesses, this course is for ANY small business owner that wants to utilize reels to further their business."

nicole m.


Before taking this course, I was overwhelmed by reels and it would take me FOREVER to make just one reel. 

"I always wondered, "how do I do that?" Before taking this course, I was confused, overwhelmed and frustrated at the thought of having to make reels to keep up with Instagram. Natasha made it all so simple and FUN! Not only does she break down each feature and function, but gives prompts and behind the scenes in real time of her making reels and teaching you how to do the same. Whether you are a photographer or entrepreneur or just want to learn how to make reels for entertainment and fun, this course is for YOU!"



I have watched Natasha's reels for a year now, I have always admired the way she shows up and stays up to date with current trends, etc

 "Natasha's knowledge and her complete transparency in what she shares is so helpful as you walk through this course. Not only is she an expert but she's not hiding any information from you. You get it all and it's so good. The course isn't terribly long - I completed my first pass in about 6 hours total over 3 days - but every second is full of useful information. No filler, no fluff. You're going to learn alot and feel much more confident in yourself and your Reels! This is definitely a course that I will continue to reference as I grow with Reels!"


This course goes above and beyond what I expected. Reels can be overwhelming, especially if you're newer to video content.

britinni m.


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