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Joyful Downtown Charleston Engagement Session

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you ever meet someone and just feel instantly comfortable around them? That is the way I felt around Megan and Sean during their engagement session. They both flew to Charleston for Thanksgiving and we met up downtown! I met these two at Lashes and Lace Bridal Salon, which is amazing by the way, and it just felt comfortable immediately. Maybe because they didn’t mind my hugs. Maybe it was their warm and inviting smiles, I just knew we were going to have so much fun running around Charleston.

The engagement session is hands down one of my favorite parts with my couples. It is the time where we really get to know each other. Megan and Sean told me all about how they met in college. Sean joked that “someone” knew that they like the other, while it took the other party a little longer to catch on. But I honestly think relationships that start as friendships can be the best. Why? Just look at how playful these two are! They didn’t bat an eye when I told them to giggle at random trees. And they literally made my job so freaking easy. I could have done this all day with them. Thankfully I get to in September at William Aiken House!!

Megan and Sean, thank you for being so joyful and loving! I felt like I had known both of you for years and years! And I literally am SO excited to get to know you both more over this next year. If you bring half as much joy to your wedding day as you did your engagement session, we are all in for a real treat!!! XO Natasha

Dec 11, 2019

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