The Best of 2019 Wedding Recap



[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ooking back on this year, I am amazed at this wonderful beginning! The beginning of a journey that I never thought would happen. When I sat across from my husband at Biscuit Head in Greenville 3 years ago to tell him what was on my heart, I never imagined this journey being anything more than a few family sessions each year. Each and every one of these 15 couples have no idea how much they mean to me!! They have no idea how much they have impacted my life!! They have each profusely thanked me for joining them on their journey this year, but the thanks really needs to go to them!! I want my life to mean something! I want to make an impact, someway, somehow. And this, this is what I believe God has called me to do! To love and serve my couples with every ounce of my soul!

Take a scroll with me through this year’s journey! The year that I hope I will look back on and remember how I feel at this moment for years to come!! 2019, you were one to remember. And these 15 couples are always going to mean the WORLD to me!!


Dec 27, 2019

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