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How I Got Started in Photography-Part 2

How I Got Started in Photography- Part 2


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was happening! I was going to do this thing! I had no idea how I was going to do it, or how it would go, but I was going to start a photography business. I went home and made a plan! I picked a photography name, Palmetto Rose Photography! And I started the process of opening a business. And in February of 2017, I announced to the world that I was a photographer with a headshot that my husband took of me on our front porch. Less than 10 people liked that post on Instagram.. humble beginnings!




“Ok! That’s it! Bring on the inquiries!”

That was my exact thoughts as I hit publish on that first post. There was one big problem though… I still had no idea how to use my camera! I was begging all of our friends to let me practice on them and their kids. I offered free sessions to anyone who would have me to use my camera more! I was starting to feel better about shooting in Auto!

My first website was just pictures of Mike, Jackson and our friends. And by the end of February I was feeling more confident into actually asking people to pay me for my services! So I decided to attend a trade show that March! The Upstate Baby and Birth Expo to be exact! I gathered all of my pictures, spent $150 on my admission cost and I was ready to go! This was it! This was going to be the turning point when people would actually start asking me to take their pictures and PAY ME! Here goes nothing!!


I stood in that old smelly mall, chatting with strangers who walked by, and passing out my business card. I explained to them my services, how much my session costs were and asked for their email addresses. And then she walked up! A woman by herself, smiling from ear to ear.. “Hi! Are you a new photographer?” I responded and she quickly said… “There are so many photographers here, don’t you think it will be hard to make it?”. I smiled and replied, “Sure, it might be, but I am offering something they are not. I am offering an experience with me. And I think there is room for us all!” She smiled and went on down the line. And I knew right then..

I would NEVER attend a trade show again as a business owner! 

10 hours on my feet in that smelly mall and being sized up by another photographer (yes, she was a local photographer) was just the fire that I needed. I packed up my table, and walked out of that mall and said:

“I am going to do big things… watch me!”

And wouldn’t it be amazing if that was exactly what happened over the next few months! But it wasn’t ? But I did have the confidence that it would happen, which made the journey of the next months easier…

Inquiries did start to show up in my inbox, possibly from the trade show. But it was exciting! People were actually going to pay me to take their pictures. And Spring was starting, so that meant that I should do something that I had seen other photographers do!!! I should offer mini sessions. “I am a mom who LOVES mini sessions, I have a 4 year old!” This was going to be great! An irresistible offer that I will post in the mom groups on Facebook! I made an ad through a free app and posted it everywhere that I could think of… even to my Instagram grid!

How many bookings did I get?!?


I got one y’all.. one! I couldn’t even sell a mini session to mom’s looking for mini sessions! Talk about taking a step forward and 10 steps back. What needed to change? How could I ever grow if no one is booking? Well something did change, and it changed while I was sitting in our sitting room scrolling through Facebook with a glass of wine…

TO BE CONTINUED… (and if you haven’t checked out Part 1 yet, go read it now)

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