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How to come up with content for Instagram Reels as a small business owner

It’s no secret that I LOVE Instagram Reels. They’re fun, they create great connection points with my audience, and I’ve met some pretty incredible couples because of them. And, I love helping other business owners use Reels to grow their brands, too. One of the questions I’m asked most often is HOW to come up with content for Instagram Reels. So today, I’m sharing three ways that I come up with content for my Reels.

Work smarter not harder! 

The best place to look for content is your own posts. What performed well in the past on your blog or on Instagram? Take that and turn it into a Reel. It’s a great way to also drive traffic back to those original sources – especially your blog. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! 

Find inspiration from other content creators. 

One of the most important parts of planning out your Reels content is to go and watch Reels! This will help you get inspired by other creators to see what is working on Reels to help you determine what content you could share. You can take a trend and 100% make it your own – but only if you know it exists. Save the Reels that inspired you so that you can reference them when you start to create your content. 

Look at Pinterest! 

Pinterest is an amazing resource for Reels inspiration. When I am stumped for ideas to share on Reels, I will go search on Pinterest as if I am my ideal client. Think about what they might be searching for. For example, I search for things like “Tips for Brides”. From those lists, I feel pretty inspired to create content for my ideal audience. 

That’s it! Finding ideas doesn’t have to be super difficult. If you’re stumped for more ideas, grab my Instagram Reels Content Playbook! I have 20 ready-to-go Reel ideas that you can start filming right away, plus tips to help you show up on Instagram Reels like NEVER before! Download the Instagram Reels Content Playbook now! 

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Jan 31, 2022

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