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Saturday was one of those days where I pinch myself that I get to be an honorary guest at so many weddings. From the moment that I walked into the Lake House at Bulow, I knew that Jasmin and Bennett’s wedding day was going to be one of the best days! The funny thing is, Jasmin and Bennett have both been married before! But the catch is, they married each other! That’s right, these two were already married in Germany in June! Jasmin is from Germany, so they flew over and had a ceremony in her hometown with all of their closest family and friends. But Jasmin and Bennett think twice is just as nice, so a few months later they tied the knot again in South Carolina!

Jasmin grew up in Germany and she decided to take a job in America to see other parts of the world! Bennett, who is originally from New Jersey, ended up in Charleston after serving in the Navy! Thank you for your service, Bennett!! These two would cross paths at a pool party one summer and from that point became inseparable! After 2 years together, Bennett surprised Jasmin with the sweetest proposal that included their adorable pups! You can read more about their sweet story on their engagement blog! When I met them at their engagement session, it felt like I had known them forever. They told me all about their plans for their German wedding. So over the next few months I would follow along on Instagram and was over the moon to catch the first glimpses of Mr and Mrs Rogers, German style!

Now, I have to give Bennett props because there are not too many men who would agree to two weddings in one year! I mean, that is twice the dress, twice the flowers, twice the beer.. ok maybe the latter isn’t so bad! Jasmin and Bennett truly care about representing both of their families and heritages and I was honored to be a part of the second half of this journey for them. Jasmin’s family and friends flew into Charleston for their first ever American wedding. And I am pretty sure Bennett’s family was on a mission to show them just as good of a time as everyone had in Germany!

I have never seen two families come together so flawlessly to create one big family! Bennett’s brothers and sister were in the wedding party, along with Jasmin and Bennett’s best friends. This group made it clear from the time that I met them, that we would be having a blast all day! And boy did we! The energy was so upbeat and positive from the time that I arrived. Bennett and his groomsmen were playing pool in the loft, and Jasmin and her bridesmaids were getting dolled up and sipping champagne. Jasmin’s best friend, Emil, was her man of honor. And I pretty sure that more ladies need to have a man of honor! He kept the ladies laughing and made sure their champagne glasses were never empty.

Jasmin and Bennett really wanted to do a first look, which I always love! It is one of the most intimate moments in the whole wedding day. I told Jasmin to take 15 seconds or 15 minutes as we watched Bennett see his bride for the first time! I don’t know why but I always tear up! It is so much anticipation and boy did they not disappoint. Bennetts mouth hit the floor when he saw his beautiful bride. And I am pretty sure Jasmin was just as smitten with her groom!

It was now time for the ceremony! All of the guests start making their way over the bridge to the island to take their seats. I get in place at the front of the aisle and then I felt it! A drop, and then another drop. I look through the pines, across the lake to see the dark clouds and I know that the weather man was wrong, as usual! We are about to see a downpour. The skies open up and all of the guests rush back over the bridge to take cover under the tents. Thankfully the downpour only lasted 15 minutes, which gave everyone time to grab a drink from the bar and then make our way back down to the island.

Bennett’s dad was asked to officiate their ceremony. I just love when couples have someone close to them officiate, it adds so much more to the meaning behind each and every story. I listen as he reminisces on their wedding in Germany and how inviting Jasmin’s family was to them all. Jasmin’s dad reads the sweetest letter to all of the guests, thanking them for their hospitality. We then listen as their soon to be sister in law sings “Amazing Grace” so beautifully to the crowd. And as luck would have it, just like this day, their wedding in Germany was in the rain. So it seemed fitting that the skies would open up one more time, just before the big kiss and start pouring again! If rain on your wedding day brings good luck, these two will have double the luck! But when two people like Jasmin and Bennett love each other the way that they do, you don’t need luck.

One of my absolute favorite moments of the day was at cocktail hour. Bennett’s Pop was sitting on the porch and Bennett pulls a chair up to him and starts chatting. He’s holding his Pop’s hand and listening ever so intently and I couldn’t help but freeze that moment for them. Bennett and Jasmin’s love for their family was so evident in the way that their entire wedding day played out. I have never laughed so hard, followed by tears during a toast. Matt, Bennett’s brother and best man, had everyone in stitches with his stories of them growing up together. Boys will be boys they say, and something tells me it was never a dull moment in the Rogers household. Momma Rogers, I bow down to your sainthood! Matt then goes on to have us all pulling our handkerchiefs out as he joyfully exclaims to Bennett “I AM PROUD TO BE YOUR BROTHER, PROUD!”

Family and tradition was clearly the theme of this day! So many traditions from German chanted toasts, to a crowd sing-along with the best man, to drinking out of a boot!! You heard that correctly, a boot! Das Boot to be exact! Now if you read my engagement session post for Jasmin and Bennett, you would have been impressed with my knowledge of German language! I also know a thing or two about German tradition! Celebrating with drinks from a boot has a few rules!! One, you can not let the boot hit the table until finished.. which I can attest did not happen during the reception. Everyone crowded around the boot and took turns drinking before passing to the next person! Two, if you let the beer splash your face, you must drink again. Now I will not name call, but there were a few that needed to drink again! The party did not stop with Das Boot! It clearly was just getting started, and who else to get a party started than The Midnight City Band! Everyone and I mean everyone took to the dance floor! This was definitely a wedding reception that every guest was going to be sad to see end!

Jasmin and Bennett, I love you both! I seriously want to be adopted as an honorary cousin so that I can come to more family functions. I did not want to leave your wedding day. But I have had so much fun reliving it through your portraits! I don’t know what I did to cross paths with you and to have the honor to meet both of your families, but I am eternally grateful! I know that your story is just beginning, and it was an absolute joy to be a part of it!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Rogers!!





Planner | Christy Barrios

Venue | Lake House at Bulow

Makeup & Hair | Jennifer Litchfield

Entertainment | Midnight City Band

Catering | Just Eat This

Bar Service | Chug-a-lug wagon

Dress | Bridals by Jodi

DJ | Audio Sound Design

Rentals | Ruth’s House Design

Sep 16, 2019

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