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Katie & Wyatt | A Classic Southern Wedding

Have you ever had one of those days that you want to live over and over? Because Katie and Wyatt’s wedding day was one of those days for me. From the most adorable first look, to an amazing good samaritan who gave us access to a dock during portraits, to the sweetest kids at the ceremony. From the moment that I walked into Katie’s getting ready house, I was greeted by huge smiles from her, her bridesmaids and another familiar face, Liza! Liza was a bridesmaid at a wedding in the Spring. I absoluetely adore Liza too! So to see them in their getting ready outfits, all smiles with glasses of champagne, I knew we were going to have the best day!

Alexa was blaring everything from Hootie and the Blowfish to Thomas Rhett as the girls reminisced and laughed! The girls had on the most adorable navy blue getting ready outfits, while Katie wore the most elegant white lace outfit. I am a sucker for these kind of details! And Katie did not lack details. She handed over the most amazing box filled with old and new things for me to style for her. The most precious of those items were her great grandmother’s purse, garter and diamond ring. Heirlooms on wedding days always have a special place in my heart. So I love that Katie incorporated such sepcial pieces into her day. As final touches were made to hair and makeup, the excitement started to set in! We were minutes away from Katie heading to meet her soon to be husband in Old Village! Katie’s bridesmaids helped put the final touches on before we headed out of the door.

When I arrived at Old Village, I could see Wyatt waiting by the old post office. I made sure to go give him a big hug and ask if he was ready to see his girl! Because she sure was ready to see him! He nervously waited with his back to us as Katie took her place. I watched as Katie took a huge deep breath before telling him he could turn around. If you have ever met Wyatt, you know that he has a million dollar smile! And let me tell you, he was smiling from ear to ear when he turned around! Can you blame him? Katie is ABSOLUTELY stunning in her wedding dress! After a few minutes of checking in with each other, kisses and hugs, they were ready to begin portraits.

Katie and Wyatt are both Charlestonians who grew up near Old Village Mount Pleasant. So Old Village was the perfect backdrop for this classic Charleston couple! But we were in for a surprise. As Katie and Wyatt were kissing and dipping on the sidewalks, a resident poked his head over his fence and asked if we would like to see his neighbor’s dock. Now, I am not one for trespassing, but he assured us that his neighbor wouldn’t mind at all! He walked us up the hill of his street, through a narrow walkway and out into the most gorgeous backyard. We thanked the kind man over and over again for his generosity. But it didn’t stop there! As soon as we wrapped up with the dock, he met us on the street with iced cold water. That kind of kindness is not something you see everyday. Sir, thank you for your generosity. It made this day that was already incredible even more so!

When it was time for the ceremony, everyone took their place. One by one, the groomsmen and bridesmaids made their way to their designated spots. The flower girl, a little hesitant, was escorted by her mom down the aisle. That is, until she saw her daddy! She took off running and I do not think anyone watching could hold back a smile. Her curls bounced in the golden sunlight, and she ran full stride straight to her daddy’s arms. Not to be outdone, the ring bearer was next. He decided he wanted to make a mad dash down the aisle as well. But this time, his feet didn’t keep up with him and he took a tumble. We all gasped! He lifted his head up and proclaimed “I’m OK!” before hurrying over to the ring box to make sure that he finished his top secret mission! Well done little man!

Katie and Wyatt’s wedding day embodied everything that I have grown to know and love about them. It was classic, full of love and family and full of laughs. They were in the center of the dance floor the whole night and rarely left each other’s side. Katie and Wyatt I absolutely adore and love you both! It is rare that you find two people that look at each other the way you two do! Don’t ever lose that! It was such an honor to be welcomed into this season of your lives. I loved every second of celebrating with you both! Enjoy your boat trip along the Lowcountry coast. And cheers to beginning your lives together!



Venue |Gold Bug Island

Entertainment | Dragon Live Entertainment

Catering | The Variety Store

Dress | Junior League of Charleston Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Attire| The Black Tux

Hair and Makeup | Vanity Salon

Invitations | The Scratch Pad

Cake | Well Deserved




Oct 4, 2019

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