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A Destination Engagement Session in Charleston

If I could use one word to describe MJ and Luke it would be JOY! Pure and utter joy radiates from both of them and it is so hard not to feel it when you are in their presence. I have this feeling that it is really hard not to smile when you are around Madison. Her smile is absolutely contagious. And from the looks of Luke, it seems I am correct. He could not stop smiling at his blushing bride to be!

MJ and Luke are both from Arkansas! They actually met in high school when Luke took MJ’s sister to prom as friends. MJ says she told her sister “I am going to marry him one day!” And boy was she right! MJ and Luke are traveling back to Arkansas to get married, but I feel SO blessed that they asked me to capture their engagement portraits in Charleston for them. Exploring Hampton Park and downtown with these two was such a fun night. I think my cheeks hurt from smiling so much while around these two. Our night was full of surprises too! For the first time that I have ever seen this, the Citadel was running a drill at Hampton Park. There were about 30 guys dressed in army uniforms combat crawling past us as MJ and Luke did lifts and twirls beneath the Spanish Moss. I should have thanked each of those guys, because it got some genuine laughs out of MJ and Luke for me!! I love when I have that extra help!

 We wrapped up our time together at one of my favorite alleys in Charleston, Longitude Lane. When I say the glow was off the charts beautiful, I mean it! It was the perfect way to end the session. I have to admit, I am sad I am not MJ and Luke’s wedding photographer! The reason it makes me sad is because I had so much fun getting to know them both and I did not want our time together to end. But I do get to relive this time together through their gorgeous gallery! And you bet I will be stalking their social media next July to see glimpses of their beautiful wedding day!! MJ and Luke, y’all have a spirit about you that radiates happiness into the world! I pray that you keep that and that your marriage continues to make your nose scrunch and your cheeks hurt from smiling! Thank you for letting me be a small piece of this wonderful journey that you are on!


Oct 2, 2019

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