Instagram Reels: Instagram’s Newest Feature


Instagram has dropped it’s newest feature on us! And it is called Reels! But what is Reels? And why should we as small business owners be using it? I know that a lot of people have tons of questions about Instagram’s newest feature, and I am here to help you understand Instagram Reels better! I am using my strategy for growing on Tik Tok to grow on Reels! And I have started a series on my YouTube channel to help you navigate it!

My latest YouTube video is all about introducing you to Reels! Head to my channel to check it out! And remember that you can ask me any questions! So don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the video! I can’t wait to see your Reels! If you haven’t already, make sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that I can continue to share tips and tricks with y’all!


Aug 27, 2020

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