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How to Batch Your Instagram Reels

How To Batch Your Instagram Reels

Today I am sharing with you how to save time with batching your content for Instagram Reels. I know that with every addition of new apps and features with Instagram, it can feel overwhelming! I want to help you save time, save your sanity and work smarter not harder. So I am going to share with you some of the best tips that I know for batching your Instagram Reels. And I am not going to go into some lengthy story and click bait with y’all… because who has time for that! Let’s get right to the juice of it!!



Planning when it comes to content creation is key!! And that is especially true with short form video. I know that for myself, video means I actually need to get dressed and show myself on camera in most cases. So, if I am going through the trouble of trading in my comfy yoga pants for a Lilly Pulitzer dress, then I need to make it worth it! Planning for me starts with ideas!! I have a dedicated folder on my notes app in my phone where I brainstorm ideas for my videos! I add to it when I am at the grocery store, in car pick up line at school and scrolling through Instagarm or Tik Tok. This is my rough draft of what I can use to spark my creativity when I am ready to film!

Instagram Reels Ideas


When I am coming up with ideas for Tik Tok or Reels, I am usually inspired by other videos or sounds that I feel like I can relate back to my niche. So when I am scrolling on Instagram or Tik Tok and I save sounds and videos that inspires me. This step is crucial to saving time when you are ready to create your videos. This way, you can know exactly what sound or what type of video you will create with the ideas that you have brainstormed. I save videos on my Instagram to a folder called “Reels Inspirations.” This makes finding my inspiration videos easier and faster when I am ready to create my own.

Batch Instagram Reels



Mark a day, or part of a day, off on your calendar to batch your content. When creating content, it is easier to create multiple videos at one time than it is to create a new video each day. By setting aside time to create multiple videos, you can save time in your content creation process.



Before your batch day, make sure to pick out a few outfits that you can have ready to go when you are ready to film. I like to pick 3-5 outfits for my batch filming day. This way I can create content to share over a few days that looks like I created them each day.



It is no secret that I love to film intros and save them to my phone for a rainy day. But what are intros? They are the 2-5 second clips of me pointing at a text at the beginning of a video before I add in behind the scenes video or still images. I film these intros anytime I am getting ready for a meeting or going out to run some errands. I take a few minutes to film a handful of these quick clips and save them to my phone. This helps me create videos on days that I do not have something necessarily filmed to post.


The last tip that I want to share is to take the pressure off of yourself with creating Reels. Film your ideas, and think about editing your Reels later. This allows you get the filming part done all at once, and then you can take time to edit them at a later time. This will save you so much time and allow you to use your filming time efficiently!


I hope that these tips help you save time and create more efficiently when it comes to Instagram Reels! Each Monday I am sharing some education to hopefully motivate you while jumping into your week! And if you want to see some filming tips, make sure to come check out my series where I share tips on filming Reels on Instagram!


Instagram Reels


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