5 Tips for Shooting Your First Wedding


5 tips for shooting your first wedding for new photographers shared by Charleston photographer and educator Natasha Coyle

As a wedding photographer, there’s probably nothing more nerve-wracking than getting ready to photograph your first wedding! The adrenaline is high and you want to do well so that your business can continue to grow. That’s why I wanted to share 5 tips for shooting your first wedding. Trust me, the whole process is easier than you think – and really about just taking care of your couples! 

  1. Create a Client Experience Early! 

Remember that people are going to remember how you made them feel for far longer than what you do. So, start creating a client experience early. Make sure that you are not just the photographer on the wedding day, but someone who they trust and are glad to have. Look for opportunities to be the hero throughout the day for not only your couple, but their friends and family and with the other vendor team. This will leave a lasting impression on your couple that they can not help but love! The experience really does mpact how much they love their images, too.

  1. Over Prepare! 

The key to a great experience is preparation. Prepare for the wedding day as much as you can. Starting with a questionnaire that allows you to gather every piece of information that you might need. I send out the questionnaire to my couples 90 days before the big day. Then I use that questionnaire to create a timeline. By gathering information about the plans, the family and bridal party, my job becomes way easier. And, I am able to feel more confident going into the celebration. If you’re ready to add a questionnaire (or emails) to your client experience, check out my templates HERE. It may seem like a lot of information, but it truly helps make a better connection with my couples for their big day.

  1. Backup your backups! 

Before you shoot a wedding day, make sure to have a backup system in place for your images. This will ensure that your couple’s once-in-a-lifetime day is properly backed up. I highly suggest a backup camera as well. Technology can fail, we want to be prepared if that happens. Hopefully you never need the backups, but it’s important to know that you’re protecting their special memories. 

5 tips for shooting your first wedding for new photographers shared by Charleston photographer and educator Natasha Coyle

  1. Be confident! 

Make sure you are confident with your camera and in your posing flow. When you know that you’re in control and are comfortable, your clients will feel it too! If you need a refresher on anything with your camera, check out my Manual Simplified Guide. I also offer a Posing Playbook, so you’ll never be stuck on posing again. Seriously, just knowing that you know what you’re doing is a huge confidence booster! 

  1. Be honest with your couple! 

If this is your first wedding, make sure to be completely transparent with your couple. Making sure that they understand that it is your first wedding is key to preparing them for their expectations from you. Be sure to send examples of your work, and if you are sending examples from a styled shoot, make sure you explain that to them. Being honest is always the best policy!

When it comes to photographing your first wedding, I truly believe that it’s less about the mechanics and more about how you prepare yourself and your couples. Remember to have fun and get to know your incredible couple – because that’s going to go such a long way! Good luck!! I hope these tips help you feel more confident before shooting your first wedding. You’ve got this!!! 





Feb 16, 2022

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