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Kim & Ryan | Biltmore Engagement Session


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have never been more nervous for an engagement session! I am always a little bit nervous before every single one, but the thought of making this engagement session live up to the sheer magnitude of the location, was even more pressure. Kim and Ryan drove 4 hours to the Biltmore Estate for their engagement session on their days off and I wanted everything to be perfect for them! One, because the Biltmore carries a lot of sentimental value for them. In December, with snow covering all of Asheville, Ryan got down on one knee with the estate behind him and asked his high school sweet heart to marry him! So, when Kim and Ryan asked if we could do a destination engagement session, I immediately said yes! However, this meant driving 4 hours each way, and staying the night in Asheville. So I was on a mission to make sure this trip was memorable!

I roped my husband, Michael, into traveling with me to the Biltmore! And thank goodness for Michael, because he was such an amazing help carrying my bag from the parking lot to the estate! I swear it must weighed 25 pounds. And as Michael and I walked down the path to the Estate, I wanted to pinch myself! I was about to shoot a dream session with a dream couple! I don’t know how I got so lucky! Michael and I scoped out the best places around the property and gardens before Kim and Ryan arrived. The Biltmore is a busy tourist destination, so how was I going to make it look like we had the entire place to ourselves?! I picked a handful of locations and we made our way back to the entrance to meet Kim and Ryan.

I swear Kim gives the biggest hugs and Ryan has the biggest smile! As soon as I saw them again, I knew we were going to make some amazing memories all while capturing their love story. We spent the last hour before the estate closed twirling under intricate archways and finding quiet spots to make magic. After we wrapped up the first half of our session time, we headed to the free wine tasting room. If we are going to be spending 2 days together away from home, we will get wine!

We sampled everything from Pinot Grigio to Cabernet, all while getting to know each other better! Later, we went to dinner at the Bistro Restaurant on the Biltmore property. When I say we belly laughed at dinner, I mean it! My abs felt like I had worked out the next day! Mike and Ryan hit it off, so much so, that Ryan was inviting Mike to their wedding as we finished our dinner!

The next morning, we met up at the estate again, for part two of their session! I know you can’t tell by the pictures, but it was 48 degrees out! Kim and Ryan were such great sports and didn’t mind the cold. Ryan and Kim showed me the exact spot where Ryan proposed! And I swear I felt goosebumps seeing it as they told us how it all happened! We dodged tourists and school field trip groups to capture them with the best of the estate. Then we headed inside for a rooftop tour of the home. We made sure to linger behind our tour group on narrow walkways to capture a few more shots!

What can I say other than this was an engagement session of a lifetime. Ryan and Kim are not clients of mine, they are now friends! I adored spending 2 days with them, taking pictures, drinking wine, eating amazing food and making the most amazing memories! Kim and Ryan, I just love you guys! Mike and I had the absolute best mini vacation with you! I hope you enjoy this little peak into our time at the Biltmore together!


XO Natasha

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  1. Danny freeland says:

    My name is Danny freeland !!
    Ryan’s father !!!
    Thank you so much!!!! They also speak highly of you and your husband,,,, can not wait to see all the photos!!!!
    Take care

  2. […] sweetheart to marry him. So it was only fitting that we would go back to the Biltmore for their engagement session. Michael instantly hit it off with them too, and I just knew right then that we had made new […]

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