Niza & Jay | Destination Aruba Session

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Niza & Jay | Destination Aruba Session


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] remember meeting Niza and Jawad one year ago and instantly feeling connected with them. Niza was turning 30, so they drove to Charleston from Charlotte to have a 3 hour session with me! September in Charleston is like stepping foot onto the surface of the sun! It is so hot!! But these two showed up looking like a million bucks and were so enthusiastic about their Charleston session!!  I literally left feeling like we were old friends and was sad our time was over.. or was it?!

Fast forward to December! My little family and I decided to fly up to Boston to visit my husband’s family. We had a layover in the Charlotte airport, and most parents understand how hard it is to keep a 5 year old entertained while you wait. So Mike and Jackson decide to ride the moving walkways. They literally rode the moving walkway, the slowest thrill ride ever! So, there I was (im)patiently waiting on my boys to ride the 1 mph walkway and who comes walking down the same walkway? Niza and J!!! What? I squealed, we hugged and obviously we took a picture together, because we need to document everything for Instagram! I was so excited to see familiar, smiling faces in one of the busiest airports!  We caught up on life and we went our separate ways!

Niza and I keep up with each other on Facebook and through Instagram! I love seeing all of the amazing things going on in their lives. Jawad’s move to Oklahoma for residency, Niza’s working hard on her Masters degree, and in her spare time she participated and won Mrs. Pakistan USA!! I love being a fan of this couple y’all!!! So when Niza said that her and Jawad were going to Aruba and wanted to know if I would be interested in taking their portraits there, I almost fell out of my chair! Not only do I love spending time with these two, but for them to want to spend a portion of their precious vacation time with me was so humbling!

We made the plans, booked the hotels and got our passports ready! I swear that I started crying as our plane touched down on the gorgeous island! I never thought a destination shoot would happen for me, but there I was with one of my favorite couples ever! We spent 2 hours on Eagle Beach, splashing in the water, and just laughing and feeling very blessed! These memories will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I am so happy to have frozen these moments for Niza and Jawad to cherish as well!!


Niza and J, thank you for being one of the most amazing and supportive couples I have ever had the pleasure to meet! Y’all have turned into true friends and I am so blessed to know you both! Thank you for trusting me with these memories in Aruba! I will remember this for the rest of my life! Love y’all!



Aug 23, 2019

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