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A Downtown Charleston Campus Engagement Session

I promise to try and get through this post without crying! However, I can not promise that I will get through Lauren and Chandler’s wedding day without crying! So fair warning! Lauren is a very special bride to me! I have known her almost her entire life. Her mom and dad moved into the house behind my parent’s house when her and her brother were still babies. As a preteen, her mom and dad allowed me to watch her and her brother for a babysitting gig. So to see her all grown up, ready to get married is such a sentimental yet special occasion for me!

Lauren and Chandler have been together since they were teenagers. I remember seeing them hang out in her parent’s backyard from my parent’s backyard and saying “OH wow, Lauren has a boyfriend!” Little did I know, that boyfriend would be her future husband. I vividly remember Lauren reaching out to me last year to tell me she wanted me as their wedding photographer whenever they got engaged. Of course I said I would love to when the time came. But I also thought that she was just being super nice! So when Chandler got down on one knee to ask Lauren to marry him, imagine my surprise when she reached back out!

It is an honor to be a part of every single one of my couple’s lives, but this one is very special to me. I do not think I will be able to hold it together during their wedding. Watching the little girl that I have known forever, step into her white dress and marry the sweetest guy means I will probably need a whole package of tissues. And do not get me started on the moment that Mr Clay dances with his little girl for their father and daughter dance. Just look for me in the corner, sobbing.

Lauren started nursing school recently after graduating from The College of Charleston, which so happens to be where I went to college too! Go Cougars! So when it was time to set up their engagement session, we had to incorporate the campus. I know I might be a bit biased, but College of Charleston is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. We chased the glow all around the peninsula. And it just got me even more excited for their wedding day! I am completely honored to capture these sweet moments for Lauren and Chandler. I can not wait to see Chandler dip and kiss Lauren at the alter, because y’all he makes it look so easy! I love you both so much! The little blonde hair girl with blue eyes is all grown up and Ch getting married y’all!



Oct 2, 2019

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