Courtney and Thomas | Engaged


Downtown Charleston Engagement Session

I vividly remember when Courtney and I talked for the first time. I couldn’t see her face, because we were on the phone, but I knew she had a smile from ear to ear as she told me about her and Thomas’ love story. Her joy was radiating as she walked me through all of the serendipitous things that led them to each other. These two quite literally bumped into each other at a concert in Ft Benning GA! Which is when their whirlwind romance began!!

Courtney was in school and Thomas was stationed in GA, but he had just gotten orders to Germany. When I asked what part of Germany because my brother in law had been stationed in Hohenfels, Courtney said NO WAY!! Thomas had been stationed in Hohenfels too.. serendipitous! To say we clicked right away, would be an understatement!!!

Courtney and Thomas are actually still doing long distance, but make a point to see each other most weekends. So when they asked if we could set up their engagement session on one of their weekends together, I felt so honored. I encourage all of my couples to make it a date night, so I was so happy to hear these two were going out to dinner afterwards. Courtney and Thomas made it so easy on me. Their laughs were natural, their smiles were effortless and when I asked if they were ok with kissing for the camera, Thomas exclaimed YES sending me and Courtney into hysterics!

September can not come fast enough y’all!! I can not wait to hang out with you again, and next time I might just join y’all for dinner!!!


Jan 28, 2020

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