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Tik Tok | Tips on How I grew to over 25K Part 1


Tik Tok | Tips on How I Grew my Tik Tok to over 25K in less than 2 months


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ik Tok is all the craze right now! And I have to admit, I was skeptical about the app at first! And before I get into any of my tips and experience with Tik Tok, know that I understand it is not for everyone! So if you are reading this and you have already decided Tik Tok is not for you, that’s totally ok! But if you are still reading this and wondering what it can do for your business growth, I am going to share my experience with it!!

So I joined in December of 2019! Mainly I wanted to watch the funny videos and see my 14 year old niece do her tik toks! Quickly I realized that Tik Tok had potential, MAJOR potential. Unlike Instagram, Tik Tok is really pretty new. So the algorithm makes it to where you can be seen more. If you could take trends and apply it to your niche, you could see major growth.

So I studied Tik Tok, and watched how many times people posted, what people would want to see from a wedding photographer and what trends were most popular. I then decided in late February to just give it a shot. If it didn’t take off, it would be ok. I started by posting a little of my family, some tips as a photographer, and some trends to see what really took off. I realized that people really liked seeing parts of my family life and tips on photography. So I decided to really focus on those two!!

My first “viral” video was one of our son and my husband playing with toy cars. I made it, posted it and it didn’t really get too many views. A week later though, I woke up to tons of notifications. My followers were growing by the tens every minute. For some reason that video a week later became very popular. This made me realize that even if a video doesn’t do good the first day or two, there is still potential for it to really take off!! Wheels started spinning!!!

I started to film a lot of content! I wanted to post 3 times a day! Once in the morning, again around lunch and around dinner time. I wanted to see what time of day would get the most traffic for me! I say for me, because Tik Tok is different for everyone! What time of day for me to post to get traffic is going to differ from you. So you need to watch your analytics on each post to see what time of day works best for you! Once I found that posting at noon-ish, 4pm and 9pm were really high traffic times for me, I really started to push content at that time.

Within 3 weeks I grew to 10,000 followers! And now 2 months into posting on Tik Tok,  have over 25,000 followers. That is growth that I will never see on any other platform in such a short time. So I do believe this is a longer conversation, and this blog is going to be part of a series for talking about Tik Tok. But to get started, I wanted to give you some tips!! These are things that I have found to be the most helpful for growing on Tik Tok!

  1. Pick a Niche! You want to make sure you pick your niche! For me it’s photography and family life! I post things that relate back to one of those topics.
  2. Post a well lit video (Tik Tok loves well lit videos) everyday, 1-3 times a day! I have found using window light and a ring light is super helpful! I have LINKED the ones that I use from Amazon for you!
  3. Film multiple videos at once for batch content! This saves so much time if you can think of a few videos that you want to film. Save them in your drafts and post on a different day when you don’t have content.
  4. Comment back to every comment!
  5. Use trending content, sounds, dances etc BUT relate it to your niche!

And most importantly BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!!! I will be posting more on this topic, so check back for more tips on Tik Tok! Until then, check out my Youtube Video on Tik Tok!


XO Natasha

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