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The Natasha Coyle Experience Explained


When I started my photography journey in 2016, I knew that I wanted to provide something different than anything I had received from my own experience with photographers. When my husband and I got married in 2011, pre-Pinterest or Instagram (YIKES), I found our photographer on Yelp. It was actually a company that had a group of photographers working for them. So on your wedding day, you had a photographer show up that was on call for that day. A man walked into my getting ready suite who I had never met before. He didn’t take the time to get to know me or Michael. He was very rigid and not warm or inviting. Mike and I felt very uncomfortable in our wedding portraits, and to this day I look at them and see how uncomfortable we were.

I knew that I would never want to conduct photography in that way. I wanted to know my couples! I want to know their story! I wanted to know their family, what they do for a job, where they are from, etc!! All of these pieces are an important part to the overall Natasha Coyle Experience that is based on real connection. I want to really know my couples, and I want them to know me. After all, when I am away from my own family on the weekends, I want it to be for a couple that treats me like a friend or family!

So I crafted a full experience for my wedding couples from the time that they inquire to well beyond their wedding day!

Watch the video to hear all about the Natasha Coyle Experience! I talk about what I do that is different in my inquiry response email, the gift process, preparation for their wedding day, how I take care of my couples, etc.


May 1, 2020

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