Instagram Update: Instagram Is No Longer A Photo Sharing App


Instagram Reels Update

Instagram Update: Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app

Last month, Instagram dropped a bomb on their users. They told us that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. And let me tell you, everyone freaked out, especially photographers! What does this mean for our business? Are we not going to be able to pose photos anymore on the app that felt like it was made for photographers?

Can I be the first to say that is is going to be ok!! Before you freak out, let me explain what this update means.


Video is going to be more important, but you can still share photos!

Instagram has been easing us into video for years with the introduction of stories, IGTV and lives. Last year when Instagram Reels was released, it solidified that Instagram was moving towards video. So yes, we will need to incorporate video into our marketing strategy, but we can still share photos. Instagram is just realizing that the climate of marketing business online has changed and they are giving us the platform to explore video marketing.

If you are like me, you may be skeptical anytime there is a new change, especially on social media. But I also do a ton of research to decide what I want to prioritize. And when I looked up video marketing stats, I was blown away! The proof that video is important is in the numbers.

55 Minutes a Day. 82% of clients. Youtube vs Blogs. Tik Tok.

Most people spend about 55 minutes a day watching video content online. And as a photographer, the fact that 82% of clients search for photographers on Instagram was mind blowing. More people are turning to YouTube content than they are to blogs to learn. And Tik Tok has been downloaded 3 Billion times worldwide, with the most daily active users of any social media platform including YouTube.

So what are we going to do about this update?

I know that video marketing can seem overwhelming! And adding something like Tik Tok or Reels to your content planning can feel like you want to give up on social media altogether. But I am here to help you tackle short form video, specifically Reels. I have created 20 ready to go ideas for Instagram Reels for photographers to help you kick start showing up on video in my Instagram Reels Content Playbook!! GRAB YOURS NOW.



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Aug 11, 2021

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