Why I Love Honeybook as a Wedding Photographer


Why I Love Honeybook as a Wedding Photographer: shared by Charleston SC wedding photographer Natasha Coyle

Last week, I shared my top five websites and apps as a photographer. The number one tool I mentioned was Honeybook, which is a client management software for small business owners. I’m always asked what I love about Honeybook, so I thought I’d break down the reasons I adore this software so much. I truly think it’s been life changing for me as a photographer and busy business owner. If you don’t have a CRM, read carefully – I definitely suggest getting one ASAP… and Honeybook is a great option. 

Honeybook syncs to my email.

This way I can send emails to my clients through my CRM to create a seamless workflow with my clients. I don’t have to jump between my software and inbox, and everything for that client stays in one place. It’s so much easier to find those messages when I need them! 

Honeybook allows me to send the documents I need.

I am able to send contracts and invoices through a proposal in Honeybook to keep everything in one place. It’s so much better both for myself and my clients. It will even send payment reminders to my clients so I never have to worry about getting paid! 

Honeybook automates my business (and saves me time!).

With Honeybook’s automation options, I am able to create workflows within my business through honeybook to save me time. Creating workflows and automations also allows me to better serve my clients and ensure that they’re being taken care of – the same way, every single time… without the added mental stress. 

Honeybook has a great client experience.

Honeybook allows you to easily customize the experience that your clients have using the software. They allow you to add your branding into their system so that your clients have a professional, on brand experience through your CRM. Everything feels clean and professional, which is amazing! 

As you can see, I really love Honeybook. I think it’s been a game-changer as a solopreneur who values client experience. Make sure you use this link for 50% off your first year if you’re ready to try Honeybook!

Mar 9, 2022

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