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Audrey & Grant | Engaged

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]udrey and Grant’s love story began many years ago! In middle school to be exact!! These two met for the first time one summer at church camp. Who meets the love of their life in middle school? Well these two did!! Although they didn’t know it at first. They lost touch after camp and attended rival high schools. It was two years after that fateful first meeting that they would reconnect! They both joined their worship band and attended a mission trip. It was then that they really start to notice each other. Audrey and Grant’s mutual love for God and teaching His word to children was when they start to fall for each other.

They made it official in their hometown in Kansas during high school. But challenges await any high school sweethearts as the question of where you will attend college arises. Grant accepted his invitation to attend The Citadel in the heart of Charleston. Meaning he and Audrey would have to do long distance as she finished high school and went on to college herself. Weekend visits and summer vacations kept the love alive for these two!

Last Thanksgiving, Grant decided to go home for a visit to Kansas. But this visit wouldn’t be like any other. He had a special question to ask Audrey that he had been keeping a secret for quite sometime. Grant had spent summers working a ranch and asked if he could use the property to set up a picnic for Audrey. Audrey told her mom that she thought this could be the day that Grant could propose. Audrey’s mom assured her that it wasn’t happening because she knew Grant would want Audrey’s parents approval. Audrey’s mom fibbed to her and told her Grant hadn’t asked yet. Way to go mom!! That has to be a hard secret to keep!

Grant sets up a beautiful picnic on the ranch. His sister and mom hide in the pine trees to capture it all… And they are allergic to pine trees y’all! Talk about commitment from both sides of their families! Fibbing and a nice dose of Benadryl but this day was going to happen! Grant has his Great Grandfathers bible and read scripture from it before dropping to one knee to ask Audrey the most important question of her life.

Clearly she said yes, and clearly these two are meant for each other. Which was apparent during our time together. Grant lovingly would help tuck Audrey’s hair behind her ears, and Audrey would light up when she would smile up at Grant. This is the kind of love that makes being a wedding photographer a joy to me! And I can not wait to capture their wedding next June at Summerall Chapel and Merchant’s Hall! Audrey and Grant, y’all are absolutely precious and I can not tell you how excited I am to be on this journey with you both!!

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  1. […] for Audrey a year and a half ago. When I was finally able to meet these two last summer for their engagement session, I knew that they had something so special! A quiet gracefulness and love for one another. […]

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