It’s About Time: Podcast Interview with Anna Kornick and Natasha Coyle about being confident and authentic as a business owner

Recently, I was a guest on “It’s About Time”, a podcast hosted by Anna Kornick. Anna is a time management coach and she reached out to me while we were in Kat Schmoyer’s Mastermind together about being a guest on her podcast. She asked me if I would talk about being confident and doing life […]

Feb 9, 2022


Schitt’s Creek Instagram Reels Personality Quiz: find your Instagram Reels personality with this fun quiz with Natasha Coyle!

I LOVE seeing other business owners on their Instagram Reels journey… but I know that not everyone is ready to jump on board. There’s a lot of us that probably had a real Alexis moment when they were released (“Ew, David!!”, anyone?!). I get it! It’s stressful to learn something new and make sure you’re […]

Feb 2, 2022


How to come up with content for Instagram Reels as a small business owner

It’s no secret that I LOVE Instagram Reels. They’re fun, they create great connection points with my audience, and I’ve met some pretty incredible couples because of them. And, I love helping other business owners use Reels to grow their brands, too. One of the questions I’m asked most often is HOW to come up […]

Jan 31, 2022


How to Shoot in Manual as a Photographer: tips for beginners from photographer and educator Natasha Coyle

As an educator, I’m often asked what tips I might have for new photographers. To me, the most important thing a new photographer can do is learn to shoot in Manual mode. If you are new to photography, this might seem overwhelming!! Trust me, we’ve all been there! So believe me when I say, I […]

Jan 26, 2022


3 Tips for a Better Posing Experience for Wedding Photographers from photographer + educator Natasha Coyle

One of the most important parts about being a photographer is creating a positive experience for our clients – from the moment they inquire, through their session, and to their gallery delivery at the end. Every interaction with clients truly does matter to your business’s success. I often hear that posing is where photographers struggle. […]

Jan 24, 2022


How to Create a GIF in Photoshop: download a free tutorial to make a GIF from your portraits shared by photographer + educator Natasha Coyle

Being a wedding photographer isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. It’s also about creating a fun and meaningful experience for my couples that’s memorable – and rave worthy. One of the simple ways I do that is by infusing playful surprises into their experience with me. And one of my favorites is a dynamic cover […]

Jan 19, 2022


Instagram Reels: 5 Tips To Get Started Instagram Reels just turned a year old. And if you are like most, I am sure that a year ago you were not quite sure about this new marketing tactic on Instagram. It felt like Tik Tok was taking over our perfectly curated feeds. But, here we are […]

Aug 26, 2021


Creative at Heart

Speaking at Creative at Heart Let’s be real. Speaking at Creative at Heart was never something that I thought would ever happen for me. “I do NOT want to be an educator!” Those exact words are on an Instagram caption at the beginning of 2o2o. I am pretty saucy on my posts at times, and […]

Aug 19, 2021


Instagram Update

Instagram Update: Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app Last month, Instagram dropped a bomb on their users. They told us that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. And let me tell you, everyone freaked out, especially photographers! What does this mean for our business? Are we not going to be able […]

Aug 11, 2021


Photography Mini Sessions

    One of the most common questions I get from photographers when we talk about making a solid profit from mini-sessions is, “How do I book out my minis?” I wish there was a turn-key answer to this, but mini-sessions (like most things in the photography industry) have a lot of variables. Everyone is […]

Jun 8, 2021